A tool for browsing the data in a sql server database.


Trial download (9mb zip)

I’ve accidentally done this in .net core so actually have no idea how to run it outside of my dev environment yet! I could really use some early-adopter type people to help me iron out the install & use bit. In theory usage should be:

  1. Download & extract the zip
  2. Drop it in IIS?
    1. Create a site / application in IIS to run it.
  3. Edit appsettings.json with your sql server connection string
  4. Try browsing the new site.
  5. Let me know how you got on.

Note there is currently no protection against:

  • sql injection
  • cross-site-script injection (xss)

So don’t give anyone access to this that you don’t want to have full access to your database with the rights of whatever login you use to access it. I suggest adding a read-only user to your database and using that, with only access to the data you want exposed.