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Looking for beta-testers for my new Free Sql Data Viewer tool

Hi, my name's Tim and I'm a UK based developer trying to build my first startup.  I'm working on a data-browsing tool for Sql Server etc. that I really believe can help people do their jobs. I'm reaching out to... Continue Reading →

Why SDV could be a billion dollar business

Okay maybe a billion is a long shot, but I read the Hiten Shah article on how Trello could have been a $1B business (via startup chat) and was surprised to discover there are lessons for how I can turn... Continue Reading →

Git for TFS users

I'm considering creating a 30 minute video to help teams transition from Team Foundation Server source control to git (hosted with TFS or Visual Studio Team Services - aka VSTS). Please register your interest. If I get enough interest in... Continue Reading →

Choosing wordpress hosting for a new idea

I need somewhere to keep the marketing site/content for my new Sql Data Viewer product. I could use github pages or something similar, but I've found the overhead of needing a dev environment to make any change puts me off... Continue Reading →

Home server docker-compose

Another step in making a throw-away home server: docker-compose. Find my compose file and setup script at I learned how to use docker-compose while working on reverse-proxying sdv, find out more:

Home server backups

The setup Ubuntu server domU xen host Ubuntu server xen VM with LUKS full disk encryption docker-compose syncthing with built-in "Staggered File Versioning" Plan Plug in usb external hdd, with full disk encryption (i.e. a LUKS partition taking up almost... Continue Reading →

Running sdv in docker

Just bought a shared server with bytemark. (£10/month), Installed vanilla ubuntu 16.04LTS server using the control panel (virtually one-click). (Love the cancel button text!) Ssh'd in, created my own user to use with sudo instead of root. Ran the following,... Continue Reading →

Patreon open source funding

I'm now on patreon. Hopefully this will provide enough funding that I can take better care of the open source projects that I look after. Since becoming a daddy it's become hard to find the time to do free work... Continue Reading →

Dustbin of ideas – IT Contractor Buddy

I've talked to a couple of people experienced in the recruitment industry and it appears that the contractor buddy business idea has some fatal flaws and is unlikely to succeed. You might be surprised to hear that I consider this... Continue Reading →

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