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Contract developer to entrepreneur – resources

I'm not there yet so I'm no authority, but here's some things that I think are fab resources on my journey. They are helping me change my thought patterns and behaviour to make success more likely. Books (roughly in order... Continue Reading →

Down with SDV! long live SSE!

I can't keep up with myself on this startup journey, but I hope I can give you a peek into my journey as I go. I've had couple of revelations recently which I'll explain here: Discovering your needs I've managed... Continue Reading →

From contractor to entrepreneur – motivations

I'm not sure what changed but I used to be happy publishing open source code on github and thinking I'd done the world a mighty favour. But slowly I started to become uneasy. How much good have I really done... Continue Reading →

Looking for beta-testers for my new Free Sql Data Viewer tool

Hi, my name's Tim and I'm a UK based developer trying to build my first startup.  I'm working on a data-browsing tool for Sql Server etc. that I really believe can help people do their jobs. I'm reaching out to... Continue Reading →

Why SDV could be a billion dollar business

Okay maybe a billion is a long shot, but I read the Hiten Shah article on how Trello could have been a $1B business (via startup chat) and was surprised to discover there are lessons for how I can turn... Continue Reading →

Git for TFS users

I'm considering creating a 30 minute video to help teams transition from Team Foundation Server source control to git (hosted with TFS or Visual Studio Team Services - aka VSTS). Please register your interest. If I get enough interest in... Continue Reading →

Choosing wordpress hosting for a new idea

I need somewhere to keep the marketing site/content for my new Sql Data Viewer product. I could use github pages or something similar, but I've found the overhead of needing a dev environment to make any change puts me off... Continue Reading →

Home server docker-compose

Another step in making a throw-away home server: docker-compose. Find my compose file and setup script at I learned how to use docker-compose while working on reverse-proxying sdv, find out more:

Home server backups

The setup Ubuntu server domU xen host Ubuntu server xen VM with LUKS full disk encryption docker-compose syncthing with built-in "Staggered File Versioning" Plan Plug in usb external hdd, with full disk encryption (i.e. a LUKS partition taking up almost... Continue Reading →

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