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A Modern Digital Government Outsourcer

I've done a few contracts for our dear government and an idea for a business is starting to form. Here is the first draft of these ideas as a starting point for discussion and improvement. The problem as I see... Continue Reading →

Always add braces

Small matter of code style that I keep coming across. Whether to write or We should always use the latter to avoid introducing bugs when modifying the code manually or through merge tools. For the reasons behind this, read the... Continue Reading →

Building on my own just for you and your database

I'm not a big company, in fact it's just me. I haven't even paid anyone to do anything other than my accountants. I'm not against the idea of paying people, I just want to know I really need to first.... Continue Reading →

Building a Windows 10 Development VM from scratch

  Rebuilding windows dev VM from scratch, reminds me why people put up an old build for so long. What a painful process! I did wonder if I could get away with mssql on linux, and tried the mssql docker... Continue Reading →

My Screencasting Setup

I just made a video to demo schema explorer. I did this in one take with no post-production work. I figure practice will improve my selection and delivery of the content. Behind the scenes I used the following: Hardware... Continue Reading →

Regression Tests for ASP.NET / SQL Projects

I've had the opportunity to attempt many variations of regression testing on many projects. Many of the systems I've worked on have at least some level of workflow, meaning a user has to move through many steps as the system... Continue Reading →

Developers, Love Your SQL Database

Developers, don't be afraid of your SQL database, don't try and ignore it, try and make it the best it can be just like you do for your code. What's wrong today I've noticed that a lot of projects that... Continue Reading →

My approach to my work

This post is a work in progress. I've realised that something that sets me apart from other developers with similar buzzwords on their CV is the way I think about things and the principles I think are important. But I've... Continue Reading →

Contract developer to entrepreneur – resources

I'm not there yet so I'm no authority, but here's some things that I think are fab resources on my journey. They are helping me change my thought patterns and behaviour to make success more likely. Books (roughly in order... Continue Reading →

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